Online Dating Thoughts

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It’s scary but being prepared is the key

What to know about Online Dating

When I started online dating I had to clue about what to do or ask because I had not dated in 17 years.  I was scared and nervous just to enter my profile.  I mean really a picture and from what era.  I asked myself which site do I go too and I didn’t know anyone that had ever tried online dating at work or my friends.

So let me tell you some interesting things about online dating.  There are sites that are just for hook ups even though the site isn’t promoted that way.  There are sites that let you preview what they offer and then tell you how much it costs monthly.  The sites on the ads either on TV, online, or on the radio ask about the same type of questions.

First thing is you need to find a recent picture of your entire self or just a head shot.  Some people actually put pictures of themselves when they were in their prime and way younger than they are now.  Others actually use someone else picture and try to get money from us lonely hearts.  We need to be open minded when we start our search as well as knowledgeable on how to search.

Next you need to answer the questions truthfully.  When you start getting men to respond to your profile and you forgot what you answered to some of the questions he will stop responding.  My favorite restaurant is PF Changs and no one else I knows like to eat there with me.  I put that on my profile and that was the first date I had with my amazing boyfriend Paul.  Interested guys do read your profiles and they will attempt to meet your expectations if they are the right man.