Online Dating Thoughts just keep coming

Easy to reach key but hard to know what to do with it.

Online Dating Another Crazy Story

Online dating is really addicting and hard to break away from when your just trying to find the right guy.  I was a little disappointed in the first guy but I picked myself up and stated to talk to other guys.

Adam was the next one 

I met him one Friday evening while I was looking at profiles on  He was in the military and seem really nice.  We started chatting and he wasn’t rude. He told me he was currently stationed in Afghanistan and would be coming back to the states soon.

He told me that he was a Major in the Army and was going to retire in about 3 years.  I thought wow what a wonderful time to meet someone.  He also told me he had one failed marriage and was looking for someone to show him around the town when he got home.

He asked me for a care package which I thought was appropriate until I asked him what he wanted me to send him.  First it was simple stuff like toothpaste, towels, and shampoo.  Then it got a little stranger when he asked me to include coloring books, crayons, and soccer balls.  I asked what those things and he stated the kids over there in Afghanistan have nothing to play with and he would like to donate some things before he leaves.   I thought wow that seems like a really sweet gesture.

Now comes the 2 things I didn’t expect.  He wanted me to include a webcam and a laptop because he was using his friends.  He told me this was a way for us to communicate.  I then asked him to email me a picture.  I looked at it closely and realized that he was an E-4 which is an NCO in the Army not an officer.   My dad was in the Army for 28 years and I know my ranks.

When I asked him about it he chuckled and said “I was just testing you to see how smart you were”.  I then chuckled back and said “I’m smart enough to know that you are trying to scam me and I won’t be sending you anything.”.  I then hung up the phone and thought this is nice now the military dudes are getting in the action of scamming chicks into giving them stuff too.

Grrrrr this can’t be that hard to find a decent dude with the same interests I have while using the online dating services provided.




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