Meeting the Right Guy

This is how we expect it to go
This is how we expect it to go with the RIght Guy

Meeting the Right Guy

I’m going to start with where I am today and move backwards to how I got there.  I met my right guy on  His name is Paul and he is the most amazing and the right guy for me.  

Yes I know meeting someone online is risky behavior but so is going to bars or flirting at the grocery store over the cucumbers.  After meeting several different men online I have come to a conclusion that some women just settle for what they get.  WOW that is the wrong way to be happy and satisfied.  We need to look for what we want and we will find it.

That’s one of the things I think woman forget to think about when they are trying to meet the right guy.  It’s about who is the right guy for you and not your family or friends.  A woman who is looking for the right guy will find him if she remembers what she is looking for and not be seduced by the other men who want her.

The How I met my Right Guy

Paul was starting his profile and I was a couple of days away from ending my subscription.  I saw his picture and screen name “Computer Geek” on February 10th.  I smiled to myself and said that’s the guy for me.  I do need to let you know my family considers me spontaneous at times.  So I opened a chat box to talk and we chatted all night.  More on Paul in later posts.

Online Dating

If it only happened like this the first time you get online
If it only happened like this the first time you get online when looking for the right guy

During my online dating phase I had the opportunity to go out with several different types of guys.  I didn’t know what kind of questions to ask and I didn’t want to buy a book on “Online Dating for Dummies”.

I tried several online dating services and all had their ups and downs.  I really didn’t know what I was looking for in a partner but I knew there had to be someone out there better than my exs and someone for me.

I’d been married for 17 years and I was only divorced for 6 months when I started this adventure.  I didn’t know there were men who were scamming women for money.  I didn’t know it could potentially be a hook up.  By the way I didn’t know what hook up meant either.  I didn’t know that married men use these sites to find someone to cheat with either through sex chatting online or actually meeting the woman.   It seems so innocent but there are really pitfalls.

Next Blog

  • Questions to consider when online dating
  • Some experiences with men I encountered while online dating





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